Wow!! It’s morning already…Winters make me super lazy, don’t want to wake up and so want to snuggle back and cover my face with a pillow. About 10 mins. later, i woke up to a pungent smell; jumped out of my bed thinking that my house help might have left the gas stove knob open, rushing to the kitchen I trip and fell on a shoe which my puppy was chewing on. Cursing the unknown, I get up to check the stove knob. It was turned off and I could still smell something ‘not good’. After, thorough investigation i realize my house is clean but needs to be freshened up. So, I decided to explore some options to refresh and make my home delightfully soothing and fresh.

I tried the options listed below. Sharing my personal experience and tips to add fragrance & give character to your house.

1. Use oil diffusers/burners

You can find two types of oil diffusers in the market –

  • Electric
  • Candle lit

I personally recommend the candle lit. The candle burns and slowly heats the oil diffusing undertone yet empowering fragrance which refreshes the house in just 10 mins. Whereas, the electric diffuser heats the oil and it evaporates quickly.

Aromatherapy DIY ideas for your home
Electric and Candle Diffuser – Aromatherapy DIY ideas for your home

How to use –

  • Candle Lit diffuser – Add few drops of essential oil on top of the diffuser and lite a candle below.
  • Electric diffuser – Add few drops on top of the diffuser and plug it to the electric supply.

Recommended essential oils –

  • Lemongrass
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Iris

2. Potpourri

What is potpourri ?

It is a mixture of dried petals & naturally fragrant plant materials placed in wooden bowl or container to perfume a room.

Potpourri - aromatherapy-diy-ideas-for-home-image-7
Potpourri – Aromatherapy DIY ideas for your home

How to use –

Empty the packet of potpourri in a container and add few drops of essential oil on the dried mixed spices and petals.Place the bowl on a centre table and in about 15 – 20 mins your room will smell fresh.

Avg. cost (INR 150 – INR 500)

3. Scented Candles

My personal favorite are these little perfumed candle jars. They are too easy to use, just lit the candle and after use close the container. The wax used to make the candle is perfumed and so once burned, diffuses instant mood uplifting aroma.

Avg. Cost (INR 100 – INR 500)

scented candle aromatherapy-diy-ideas-for-home-image-4
Scented Candle – Aromatherapy DIY ideas for your home

4. Aroma therapy pillow capsules

I picked them up while traveling from Family mart in Thailand.

How to use –

Place the capsules inside the pillow case and sleep. The capsules will infuse gently aroma and will aid sound sleep. One capsule lasts for about 3 nights.

Avg. Cost (INR 200 – INR 500)

Pillow Capsule Fragrance – Aromatherapy DIY ideas for your home

5. Fresh flowers

Nothing can beat the fragrance of fresh flowers in the house. So, i placed some beautiful roses in a flower vase. The flowers add color to the house and one feels happy by just looking at these beauties.

Avg. Cost (INR 200 – INR 500)

Fresh Flowers – Aromatherpay DIY ideas for your home

So, beautiful people remember that fragrance is about sensation and can evoke good feelings, thoughts and love. Try these aroma therapies to instantly uplift your mood and rejuvenate your senses with a good smelling home.

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