2 natural and home remedy tips to cure sunburn faster

Tan marks are unavoidable! Usually we run for best sunscreen lotions to protect our skin from getting damaged. But, hardly few of them work out in our favor. Most sunscreens available in the market are not so effective in toning our skin, still people apply them ignoring the home made remedies. We are sharing simple 2 homemade remedies to remove sun tanning and dullness.

cure sunburn redness

1Traditional Ubtan for tan free skin

Use mixture of besan or gram flour, turmeric powder and yogurt to get rid of all your skin related issues. Turmeric helps removing the blemishes and dark spots. Yogurt clears out the dark patches caused by deep ultra violet rays. And, besan cleanse your skin by acting as a perfect exfoliating agent. It is best for all skin types and can be used on everyday basis. You will see the effects of this mind blowing ubtan in 2 weeks.

2Vinegar for your skin

Vinegar contains antioxidants which help in fighting the harmful bacterial and fungal infections.Moreover, it also restores the pH level of your skin. Applying vinegar on affected areas regularly can cure your sunburns faster.

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