Know your relationship status

A relationship has to pass through many testing phases to become a healthy one. It is important to check the health of your relationship. So, here we are sharing 6 tips that can help you find out the actual state of your relationship.

1Do you respect each other?

Every ideal couple must respect each other mutually. This will strengthen the relationships and always instill the feeling of loving each other. During the testing times, believing in your partner is the ultimate strength that one can contribute in making the bond stronger. Feeling of equal respect must be there in any relationship which will further build the cord of togetherness.

2Do you fight together and face every life hurdle?

Everybody suffers difficult situation due to various factors like health, office and family issues. You need to understand that in a healthy relationship, you are not the one who suffers or deals with the problem, your partner also gets affected by your problems. Therefore, try to remain together in every difficult phase of your life.

3How honest are you?

Always stay honest to your partner. Doing this will help you in enjoying your relationship to great extent. Share your feeling, opinions, issues and emotions with your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.

4Do you speak your mind?

It is important to maintain your identity and character in a relationship. Always speak your mind and communicate to help understand and listen to your better half. Also, welcome ideas and constructive advice and discuss them patiently.

5Do you encourage each other to grow and change?

As we all know – ‘Change is the only constant’. So, support each other to grow wise together in life and change for good.

6Do you ‘Let Things Go’?

If you have once committed to stay together forever then it is wise to ‘let things go’. Holding grudges for years against each other will sabotage your relationship. Just bury the hatchet and move on. Cherish the beautiful memories and let go the sour ones.

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