Lost my heart to the charming old church – St. Mary’s church Lansdowne

St. Mary's church - Lansdowne
St. Mary's church - Lansdowne

We have an infinite ocean of joy within us and to explore it’s full potential; one needs to visit the heart of nature and that’s when I decided to take a trip to the mountains. It is rightly said “Unplanned trips are the best” and I can safely say – Lansdowne was one of them!

Lansdowne – calling my traveler soul

Know more about Lansdowne – This one is a beauty!   

Country – India

State – Uttrakhand

District – Pauri Garhwal

Nearest Railway station – Kotdwar

Best time to visit – Throughout the year. But, preferably monsoon as Lansdowne looks green & fresh after few rain showers.

This beautiful cantonment town is in Pauri Garhwal district (Uttarakhand); unlike any other hill station this one offers serenity. There are many local attractions like Garhwal Rifles regimental museum, Bhulla Tal, Tip-In-Top, Tarkeshwar Mahadev & St. Mary’s Church.

Lansdowne is a hillstation where I wanted to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. So, I skipped all the local attractions and visited the Garhwal Rifles regimental museum & St. Mary’s church.

Relaxing and nourishing my soul
Relaxing and nourishing my soul

The Garhwal Rifles regimental museum exhibits the traditions and customs of the regiment, war trophies, potraits of brave soldiers, costumes & antiques. I would strongly suggest to visit this museum once during your lifetime.

My next stop was the old church. It was just 2.3 KM away from Lansdowne market. Driving to the church was like floating into a fantasy land, quiet and very serene with very smooth road. St. Mary’s church holds an old world charm with a beautiful glimpse of British architecture in India.

St. Mary's church - Lansdowne
St. Mary’s church – Lansdowne

History of St. Mary’s Church, Lansdowne

Histroy of St. mary's church
Histroy of St. mary’s church

The surrounding valley was mesmerizing. The pathway to the St. Mary’s church is covered with pebbles and I found vivid wild flowers around the church.

Lovely wild flowers at St. Mary's church Lansdowne
Lovely wild flowers at St. Mary’s church Lansdowne

The church is not operational since 1947 and is maintained by Garhwal Rifles regimental. Inside the church there is a small museum with pre-Independence pictures and artifacts.

Strolling away - St. Mary's Church, Lansdowne
Strolling away – St. Mary’s Church, Lansdowne

After, exploring the church inside-out it was time for me to absorb this beauty into my soul and so I reached out into my backpack and fished out the coffee flask and poured in a cup.

Stay close to nature - Love from Lansdowne
Stay close to nature – Love from Lansdowne

Enjoying the cool breeze with rain showers; I savored my hot cup of coffee with cookies in bliss and sat outside the church till sunset & enjoyed the valley view.

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Until next time…

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