We usually fall ill during the rainy season. The sudden climatic change causes fluctuation in our body temperature which further results to the problem of cold and flu. It also weakens our immune system that leaves us defenseless to the severe diseases including influenza, cough, cold and other common diseases.

Hence, one should eat nutritious food to fight back against these virus/diseases. Besides, we should take exact precautionary measures to get rid of these viruses. However, minor viral infections are hard to cure. But, we can take some preliminary steps to control these infections from further development. Below mentioned are some tips that can help you to keep away from cold and flu:

rainy season - Rock this rainy season - 8 tips to keep away cold and flu
Oh! I am Sneezing
  1. Hot and light soups are best during the time of cold and flu
  2. Increase your intake of fluids; prefer warm water with few drops of lemon to cure viral infections
  3. Control your intake of alcohol and caffeine as they tend to cause dehydration
  4. Drink more of orange juice to increase your Vitamin C intake. Orange juice has a tendency to reduce down the severity of the virus attack. It actually develops the antibodies in your body
  5. Avoid cold and refrigerated food / beverages and eat fresh home cooked food only
  6. Chewing clove can help get rid of sore throat and blocked nose
  7. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. But, avoid banana and watermelons completely
  8. Proper bed rest and enough sleep are best to prevent viral infections

With these simple precautions and remedies you can rock this rainy season.

Happy Monsoon guys!


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