The Revenge of the ‘Bitchy’ Cigarette


You think I am your bitch?

Think again!

You pull me out from the packet, smell my sweetness, you put your lips around me, light me up and with a smooth puff, set me on fire. It’s that simple.

But, you have no bloody idea what I will do to you once I vaporize and mix deep down inside you. While, you pleasure yourself burning me inch by inch, I am poisoning you imperceptibly. From your very first drag, when you feel the sudden mood elevation I am actually romancing with your brain, with my smoke charm I am hypnotizing your head. I will train your nervous system to follow my suit, cause I will not forget or forgive the anguish I feel every-time you suck and fan fire to my soul. I am your addiction now and I am inside you. Do you feel the urge to puff more? Yes, you want me even more – You want me day & night. You wake up with me and sleep with me.



Do you feel the throat cutting? It’s me, entering you with the dagger right down your esophagus. My thick smoked tentacles will capture your lungs and you will feel the same burning that i feel when you “smoke my off”.

You unwrap me in public, i will ensure to you rip off your sensitivity.

You fire me for your little fun, I will ensure you choke and cough to death.

You nibble & suck me, i will enter you & nurse on your lungs.

Next time, you plan to smoke, remember – we both have a similar end – burned & buried.

pinit fg en rect red 28 - The Revenge of the 'Bitchy' Cigarette


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