Stealing kisses since 2011
The wedding – Our first kiss

It was a sunny Sunday winter morning! And I was struggling to get out of the cozy bed. The bed clocks says it’s like 10 in the morning; stretching & yawing for another 15 minutes, I convinced myself to start my day. About, 40 minutes later I was at the breakfast table sipping coffee, enjoying cheese toasts and flipping the newspaper.

Mother enters the dining area holding 3 pairs of heels.To this sight, my brother ducked down twice thinking mother would target him with the shoes as he forgot to pay her mobile bill. He rushed out of the dining room screaming “5 minutes, mom 5 minutes , will get your bill paid”. We both burst into fits of laughter.

Mother – Which shoe do you think I should wear with my beige saree tonight?

Me – Any special event?

Mother – Oh!! My god, I told you about my friend’s daughter wedding, hope you have your dress ready?

Me – But, Mom ? Do ? I ?

Mother – Dear, we will leave at 8 PM

Thinking, that I could not win an argument with her went straight to my room and fished out an old lehenga that I wore about 11 times. Since, I am not a fan of lehengas and salwar kameez; so never cared to invest in traditional attires.

Evening 8PM

All decked up, I went downstairs struggling with my dupatta.

Since, dad was traveling and my brother was busy with his college exams so, I had to drive mom to the wedding. The moment we entered the venue my mom vanished somewhere and I felt like a toddler totally lost. However, I was feeling amused as nobody gave a damn about the ceremony and were busy hogging starters, stuffing paneer tikkas and gulping litres of alcohol.

As, I was walking alone towards the bride’s room someone offered me a glass of red wine. Turned to see who was my evening saviour – there he was, a handsome young man traditionally dressed, with well gelled hair. He introduced himself as the groom’s friend. After, our introductions we strolled around and enjoyed wine with some starters.

We talked and talked and talked more about flowers, wine, work, gym, health, India, politics, Love, passion, desire, relationships and even about the grasshopper we saw hopping around. We chatted the night without realizing it was 2 AM. I quickly checked my phone and was shocked to see 11 missed calls from mom! Excused myself and ran towards the mandap only to see my mom smiling and showering flowers on the couple. I waved to her from the distance, she waved back smiling. Everything was fine… Pheww…

My eyes were looking around for my man and so I rushed to the lawn outside – suddenly, he magically appears from behind and took me by surprise by holding my hand tightly, smiling back I twisted my wrist mischievously signally him to set me free. He came closer to me holding both my hands and I could feel my nails digging his cautioned palm with warmth around my fingertips, closed my eyes and then there was a sudden rush of sensation from my forearm to my calf’s, causing goose bumps. As we got closer, I could smell the fresh cologne on his skin which was a woody aromatic fragrance with a clean citrus scent. Standing tall with my eyes closed, waited for something to happen.

Nothing happened..  🙁

I opened my eyes and saw him smiling; feeling embarrassed I turned around in an attempt to hide my face. He came close to me and whispered “Follow me”. Without thinking much, I followed him to the parking – There he was inside a brand new car which the bride’s family gifted to the groom. I was afraid to enter but could not resist the man inside so like an obedient child I slipped inside.

And that was the moment – He leaned over and kissed.

Stealing Kisses - Since 2011
Stealing Kisses – Since 2011

What I felt like – Heart – no beat, Mind – blank, Stomach – empty, Thighs – numb, Arms – funny.That night was when we first kissed. Do you want to know what happened next??

Pep it up with with prianca cupid - The Wedding Date - Our First Dreamy Warm Winter Kiss


“So boy just take your time, send chills down my spine
You’re one of a kind, that’s why I gotta make you mine
Boy you turn me on, got me feeling hot
Now I’m really goin’
I like, I like, I like my kisses down low
Makes me arch my back
When you gave it to me slow
Baby just like that”           

– Kelly Rowland

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