Monday morning

6 AM – Woke up, turned off the alarm and yet again postponed the gym to next day

9 AM – Driving to office and stuck in traffic, listening to radio (Love you zindagi… from Dear zindagi) and suddenly I realize what’s there to love?

Sitting every day amidst the car crowd – cemented to the car seat like ‘FOREVER’. I wanted a ‘TIME OUT’ and desert myself from everyone and everything. To be honest, am quite active on all social media platforms, always virtually connected to 567 people and do have dozen of 3 AM friends; literally am on my toes all the time! I never miss office & never miss a party. I am never alone literally never alone. 🙁

Yet, I felt the need to unplug the cord which was running my social life to rest, rewind & recover. Desperately needed the “me time”.

So, decided to UNSOCIAL and run to the desert.

Yes ! that’s what I did – Traveled to the desert to desert myself

Wednesday morning

Landed Dubai International Airport

Why I chose Dubai?

The Dune bashing adventure is quiet popular here and wanted to experience breaking the soft sands and the gravity guide my way mind and soul. I wanted to appreciate the solitude of the desert; the setting sun would cast long shadows, with no signs of humans for miles.

How to reach the desert?

The easiest way to get at the dunes outside the city is on a four-wheel-drive safari. I hired a local tour service; they provided me with the pick and drop facility from the hotel.

Dubai desert safari
Off to Dubai desert safari – Hotel to Desert

What to expect in Dubai desert safari?

  • Dune bashing
  • Sand ski
  • Quad bike
  • Hot balloon adventure
  • BBQ dinner
  • Belly dancing
  • Camel rides

My preference was the evening safari so booked for this lovely adventurous trip. Below, I am sharing my fun & adventurous picture from the heart of Dubai.

My ride for sand dune bashing
My ride for sand dune bashing
All set for sand dune bashing - Dubai desert
All set for sand dune bashing – Dubai desert
Absorbing the desert
Absorbing the desert
The Dubai desert
The Dubai desert
Soul searching
Soul searching
Ready for Camel ride after dune bashing
Ready for Camel ride after dune bashing
It's time for the famous Dubai BBQ dinner
It’s time for the famous Dubai BBQ dinner
After Quad bike adventure - Dubai desert
After Quad bike adventure

This Tanoura Dance in our Dubai desert camp; it is the form of folkloric dance which is very popular in Egypt. This was the one of the highlights apart from the Arabic belly dancing.

 Tanoura Dance in our Dubai desert camp
Tanoura Dance in our Dubai desert camp
No MAN's land - Desert
No MAN’s land – Desert
Goodbye are the hardest
Goodbye are the hardest

My take away ?

It is rightly said “You just leave a piece of yourself in the desert”. I left a something behind and brought back love, happiness and adventure.

“Let those desert places in your heart bloom”

Live a happy life !

So what are you waiting for? Just leave your office now! And travel to the desert and DESERT yourself from all the hectic work schedules.

Fly free 🙂

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Travel to the Desert to 'Desert' Yourself & Find your Soul - Magnificent Dubai Desert


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