Life in the day of a black pug pooch

Woof Wooof!! Morning..

Let me introduce myself, I am a black handsome pug with extremely big black pearl eyes, perfectly curly tail and with pointed whiskers. I live with two humans, one is tall with extremely hairy legs and the other one is short & noisy.So, to make it simple the tall one is the boss of the house and the shorter one is Bossy. Let me take you through a day in my life.

Woke up to the sound of mosquito buzz, scratched my ear with my left paw and licked the wax off my nail. Gawd!! it smells great and tastes yummy too.

664 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
Just woke up
Life in the day of a black pug pooch - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
Chilling out during the day

Went to the bedroom jumped on the bed to kiss Dad’s forehead to wake him up. It time for my walk.I am a well trained pug and prefer peeing outside the house. However, it is important to mark my territories in the house too. So, i usually pee on the pole of the toilet seat, sometimes on the carpet, sofa edges and when upset “pee on the bed”.

681 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
I use the toilet sometime 😛

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678 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
Trying to focus 😛

Dad takes me out for a walk and i pee, sniff and brush my whiskers on every bush we pass. This is the best time of the day, i get to poo on the green grass and pee on the trees too.I usually eat something from outside preferably cow-dung, believe it gives me a healthy digestive system.Today, i tried something new which was not definitely good and gave me gas.

On my way back to the apartment, i barked on school going kids, the maids, guard and the milk man. Surprisingly, no one take me seriously and usually grin back at me.It’s so frustrating.

When we entered the living room, Mom started screaming and all i could understand my paws were too dirty too enter the house. Dad as usual is calm and carefully listening to Mom. We both stand outside the house for a while and dad kneels down, picks me up and cuddles me then takes me to the society garden and washes my paws clean. I am so happy today, i am playing with water. It’s so much fun to play with dad. We roll together on the grass and i thank him by licking his ears.After our little adventure, we reach home. Mom is standing at the main entrance and saying something cruel. She is always noisy and loud. Dad runs to the washroom and i follow him running trying to be indivisible.

It’s breakfast time, my meals are fixed i am fed twice daily. As, a ritual i wait for my humans to finish their breakfast so that i get the last and the tasty bite of their food. Then, i eat my food.

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Dad is getting ready for work, i love to follow him all around the house. I watch him comb his hair, put some spary under his shirt and he also sprays the same thing on my tushy. Gosh!! it’ s so annoying. I run for life. While, he is fishing for his socks i settle to chew on his shoes, something came flying and hit my nose, startled i ran and hid under the dining table.

Mom has already hit the roof and looking for me. My heart is pounding hard and praying to my dog god to save me. Dad appears as an angel sent from heaven. He kisses mom on her lips to shut her big mouth.

I hear door close and mom walking toward the dinning table. My little black heart is pounding hard as i hear footstep approaching me. There you are….. I closed my eyes & waited for a tight slap. But, instead she lifted me to cuddle and pulls my ear. Sensing, she forgot about the shoe i licked on her cheeks. Mom loves me a lot. She poked her finger into my ear and murmured something.I believe it’s time to shower. I love warm bubble bathe. So, settled in my tub with my showers toys. Mom’s eyes are twinkling with joy watching me bathe. After, i am scrubbed and washed, she wraps me in a towel and leaves me in the balcony.

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20160723 091456 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
My Bath tub with bubbles and toys
20160723 091333 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
I love warm bubbles

I watch, people move on the road, bird flying, car moving. About an hour later, i came inside the house and saw mom sitting with her laptop.She is usually busy with something so i sat next to her. I was thinking what to do and so saw the laptop wire. It was so tempting and i started chewing it. After about 20 mins i fell asleep with the wire in my mouth.

Woke up to mom cursing me and shouting, She got hold of me and took me to the balcony. I thought she would throw me off the 12th floor. Scared i peed on mom and with a jerk she dropped me on the floor and ran to the washroom..STILL SHOUTING.. I started digging my grave on the concrete floor, but as you know nothing happened instead i injured my paw.

It was dark and i heard dad came from work. I waited for him to come and see me. I waited ..I waited.. I waited..And feel asleep.

The balcony door opened and i saw mom.. She lifted me in her arms and kissed my nose. She took me inside and gave me big bowl of warm milk with my favorite cookies. I licked clean and wiped my milky mouth on mom’s pajamas. She giggled and lifted me again to kiss.

I was overjoyed and chased my tail until got dizzy. Dad & mom were having dinner and gave me some sweets to eats. I kept sitting under the dining table gazing for food. Dad & mom are both generous and often slide their portions under the  table.

After, dinner its bed time. Mom picked me up, cuddled me and kisses me 10 times, tucks me in my bed. Both dad and mom wished me goodnight and turned off the lights.

I waited to fall asleep, but then i notice a book which mom is reading these days. Curios, how it would taste, i rip it apart and chew few sheets…

672 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
Love chewing on books
673 - Life's a Pooch - A Day in the Life of a 'Black' Pug!
I love to chew on books

Goodnight, these papers don’t taste as good as the shoe.. See you in the morning 😉



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