Cheating spouse’ is one of the most searched keyword on the internet across the globe. It’s no news that spouse/partner cheat because of problems in their relationship. People who indulge in infidelity are mostly lonely or the person finds someone who treats them better and appreciates them more than their current partner. Infidelity have been extensively studied and reports suggest the following reasons for relationship hiccups.


Sometimes men find pride in having an extra-marital affair. If a man feels substandard in front of his wife then there is a possibility that he may satisfy his ego by going for an extra-marital relationship. This usually happens when wives play overriding role in the family.

2Spice less life

When men/women find no spice or spark in their relationships, they seek outside home to satisfy their urge for love. Love-making plays a vital role in boosting up a relationship. If your spouse feels bored and unsatisfied of sexual life then there are chances that s/he might cheat on you.

3Unconventional feelings

Emotions and feelings are often beyond one’s control. So, it might be possible that s/he likes other woman/man than you. Whatever, maybe the reason behind cheating on your spouse, it is better to talk and sort out the differences rather than regretting for the entire life.

4Social connect

Couples who have different social circle, careers and friends are more likely to indulge than couples who spend their time together. So, it is important to choose your partner with common interest or career and make time for each other.


Influential people are more likely to cheat. Power brings confidence resulting them to act in more outgoing & assertive ways.

There is only one solution to avoid such a situation in your relationship and that is to – TALK before it’s too late!


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