ITC Vivel Body wash

I love to travel and mostly live out of a suitcase. And, one thing that I have learned over the years is that while travelling one should always carry their own skincare and bath solutions. I prefer body wash over soaps and hence, bought the Vivel body wash recently. Vivel by ITC has always delighted its consumers with the best bath solutions. This time Vivel brings in another revolutionary product – The Vivel Body wash. And, why I am referring to this body wash as revolutionary because of my personal experience. Vivel Body Wash Product Picture 1 - Ditch your soap and try the all-new ITC Vivel Body wash

Recently, my flight from New Delhi to Mumbai got delayed by 5 hours. And I reached Mumbai airport around 7 PM. But thanks to Mumbai traffic, it took me another 2 hours to reach my hotel. After 12hr of an uncomfortable journey, I wanted to crash. But, decided to shower before hitting the bed.

I unpacked the new Vivel body wash – Mint cucumber and flipped open the cap of the bottle to smell the product. The fragrance of mint-cucumber instantly uplifted my mood. The Vivel body wash comes with a free loofah. I poured a coin-sized body wash on the wet loofah and massaged the loofah with both hands. This created a rich lather. I then used the loofah to scrub my body.

Vivel body wash Image 2 - Ditch your soap and try the all-new ITC Vivel Body wash

The ITC Vivel body wash cleans the skin and leaves it supple and soft. I always prefer body wash over a soap as it keeps the skin moisture intact. Unlike soap, it forms rich creamy lather which makes it easier to rub, scrub and clean the body. The refreshing mint and cucumber body wash comes with the goodness of nature, which will leave your senses refreshed. Vivel mint-cucumber body wash contains glycerin, mint and cucumber Sativa extracts.

Vivel Body wash Image 3 - Ditch your soap and try the all-new ITC Vivel Body wash

Glycerin is well known for its skin benefits. It leaves the skin moisturized & nourished. Also, it helps maintain the water balance in the skin. Another magic ingredient in this body wash is the mint. We all know that mint is extremely refreshing and leaves a soothing effect on the skin. It also helps tone and hydrates the epidermis. The cucumber Sativa extracts revitalizes and clarifies skin complexion. It also helps in diminishing pores and treats sunburn. With this body wash, experience aromatherapy at home. The fragrance of the product is very soothing. In this day and age when pollution is at its peak, we all want to make sure we’re doing everything right for our skin. Breathe deep while showering with Vivel body wash and feel positive energy while cleansing your body with goodness. Showering with this body wash is like treating yourself with a quick mental spa. With every shower, you will feel energized, refreshed and happy.

After a tiring day, my shower with Vivel mint-cucumber rich emollient body wash was like a spa experience. I felt clean and peaceful.  Also, post-shower, I slept like a baby and woke up smiling. I would strongly recommend everyone to experience the all-new and upgraded body wash by ITC Vivel.


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