I Went Ghost Hunting and Found one! NOT for Faint-Hearted

“… signs of a life that we cannot explain are everywhere, vibrating by the side of the life of every day.” ― Maurice Maeterlinck, The Treasure of the humble

I am the curious kind and mysteries of the world beyond life always fascinated me. So, I decided to look through the unexplained. After hours of research I found a place to shoot for a short documentary and finalized a fort in Rajasthan that reported signs of paranormal activities. The fort is about 320 Km from New Delhi and so I decided to drive through and reached the fort at 8 PM in the evening.

The fort is about 200 years old and now renovated as a resort. There is a suite in this fort which is haunted and many guests complained of unusual activates during their stay. After reaching the reception I requested on getting the haunted suite room no. 1313 but the receptionist denied stating that was is under maintenance. I knew that she was lying as they do not take reservation for this room anymore.

haunted places in India

So I insisted on getting the room no. 1312 as it shared the balcony with the haunted room. After settling in my cozy room I took my camera, flashlight and a voice recorder and decided to jump to the balcony of the haunted room to experience the life beyond life. It was 11 PM at night and I could hear the insects buzzing. The balcony was very clean, peeping through the window I saw the room was well decorated and tidy. I tried pushing the window and doors to make my way inside the haunted and to my luck the door was not bolted.

With the help of my flashlight I started scanning the room. The room was dark and cold, it was like 1 am and so thinking that no one will pass the haunted corridor at night I turned on the light.

Haunted stories

The room was very big. There was a beautiful chandelier hanging right in the middle of the suite. The lights twinkled like diamonds. The painting on the walls were mesmerizing and each painting had its own story to tell. There was a huge closet with hand paintings on the wooden door. I opened the closet to closely examine the wood work. It was then when I heard some footsteps outside the suite in the corridor. I went closer to the door. My heart was pounding hard, I could feel my finger tips and toes freezing.


A man shirked from the other end of the door and I ran towards the balcony to save my life. I slipped once on the floor mat and hurt my knee. But all I could think of was to run, run and run. I jumped to my balcony, and ran straight outside to the corridor and then rushed to the reception.

There was a man behind the reception, I was shouting and panting. Within minutes, 5 staff members appeared out of nowhere and were looking at me with pity.

I told them how I broke into room 1313 (Haunted room) to experience the ghost and have left my phone there. The receptionist asked me to relax and offered me water. He requested me to return to my suite but I denied.

So I sat trembling on the couch at the reception. Few minutes later, a staff member came running to the reception, and shouted a woman guest from room no. 1310 has fainted. The reception was bright and manned with 2 gunmen so I decided to stay and not go to see the poor fainted lady.

Madam Madam Madam…

I opened my eyes to see a man waking me up. It was 6 am. I sat up on the couch and saw the tea arranged for me. The staff member handed my phone smiling. I was annoyed as it was no joke. I was visited by a ghost who made a strange noise or rather I angered the spirit.

“What makes you smile?” I shouted

“You think I am crazy?”

No Madam, I am sorry and he continued to speak…

Madam, when you broke into the suite room 1313 and while you were scanning the room with your flashlight, one of our staff member was passing through the corridor and he noticed some activity in the suite. Since, we do not take any reservations for room no 1313 he thought of something unusual in the room and raised an alarm by shouting. He too got scared and ran outside to the garden.

And, when you rushed out of your room with open hair shouting and jumping; the lady guest from room 1310 got scared and fainted.


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