“an 8-year- old girl was abducted and raped”

“over a dozen men raped mother, daughter on the highway”

“2 teens drugged & gang raped”

I see this man stretching, yawning & scratching his underarm in the balcony. He then walks up to the main entrance and picks up the newspaper, brews his morning cup of coffee and neatly places 5 cookies on the saucer. Settles comfortably to read the news with coffee and cookies.

Do you love the smell of freshly printed newspaper?

I am sure you do…But, that’s not ink, it’s my dry tears of agony, my sweat, my saliva & my blood discharge. Today, I am the news.

Details of my ordeal is carefully knitted into words and served with tempering.The article is about how 4 men tore my soul, entered me against my will and broken my bones & ruptured my pelvic.

I see this man, break his cookie into 2 and is now nibbling on one piece. He is reading more about me – she was hit with an iron rod and bitten all over her chest. There were scratch marks all over her back.

Now, he lifts his coffee mug & sips, nibbles on the other piece of cookie, bends on one side of the chair and farts; then he reads further…


She was tortured for more than 3 hours and the gang took turned to rape her. As, the police record suggests the blood stained naked body was recovered from the nearby gutter well. The girl died due to excessive bleeding from private parts, said the postmortem report. Police is investigating the incident and assured to put the criminals behind bars soon.

I stand in the living room, alone and raped…No one reported –

How my heart pounded when I saw men following me.
How much pain I went through, when one of them caught hold of me and punched me.
How much I shouted & screamed, when he pinned me to the ground.
How i called to all the heavenly gods continuously and no one came to help.

I tried with all my might to save myself, but he was too heavy and I felt weak, the more I shouted for help the more he would hit me hard.

Finally, I was lying there thinking what will happen when society would come to know about me. How my family will be ashamed. I am now bleeding, my teeth broken and my hair covered my face as I lay on the mud with no shoes, my nose is running and saliva mixed with blood fell on the muddy ground.

My knees hurts, my thighs hurt, my stomach hurts. I hear them say “don’t leave the slu* here, cut her into piece and burn her face.

I cant move, but still want to fight as I want to live.

I see the man zipping his pants, he then spit on me and wiped his mouth with his hand.

Then, the two of them lifted me & with all my power i tried to poke my nail into his skin, I prayed to my god to turn my finger nail into a sword so that I slit his throat. Nothing, happens and the next thing I remember I am in the gutter well full of rats. I pray, I pray and I pray more.

Now, I see my family cremating my body and my aunt telling my father how he should have not been liberal.

And then I see, this man enjoying his coffee with cookie, scratching his crotch reading my episode and then he turned the page to sport section.

I feel naked and ashamed.

pinit fg en rect red 28 - I Am Served Naked Every Morning with a Cup of Coffee


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