It was late afternoon, i was enjoying a large piece of ‘Tiramisu’ with icy coffee at Britto’s, Baga beach Goa. I over heard someone talking about a big luxurious lounge floating on the river Chapora near Morjim turtle beach road.

So, decided to ask my good friend GOOGLE about this hangout. About, 10 mins of research i was convinced to hunt for this joint and so stuffed the large piece of tiramisu in my mouth and with swollen cheeks rushed to get my ride.

Flor do mar was about 15 kms from the baga beach and located quiet remotely.After, 20 mins i found the signage to the luxurious boat.To reach this super cozy and magnificent lounge, one has to take a small motor boat as the lounge is nested in the middle of river Chapora. Flor Do mar management arranged for my trip to the lounge. So, i waited on the wharf for my boat.

Waiting on the bridge for the ferry
Waiting on the bridge for the ferry

Flor do mar’ pronounced as Frol-de-la-Mar is one of the hidden gem in Goa. It is the most luxurious floating lounge anchored on the river chapora.’Flor Do mar’ means flower of the sea. As the name suggests it is like a beautiful lotus flower amidst the river.

Flor do mar - Lounge
Flor do mar – Lounge

Flor Do mar – the amazing lounge is divided in two decks. Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 has the bar with covered and non covered seating arrangements.

Outdoor seating at level 1
Outdoor seating at level 1
Flor do mar - level 1
Flor do mar – level 1

Level 2 – Flor Do Mar (Flower of the sea)

View from level 2 is mesmerizing, it feels as if i was on an island alone.The cool breeze from the river gently brushed my shoulder giving me a little shiver.

Flor Do Mar - Level 2
Flor Do Mar – Level 2

The splendid view of the river flowing silently and birds flocking to return as the sun sets. While, enjoying the majestic view i order for food and drinks.

Delightful sunset view
Delightful sunset view

Sipping Rosé wine 😛

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The food menu is quiet limited but tasteful. After, absorbing the exquisite panorama i decided to head back to the wharf.

When in Goa visit – the flower of the sea – Flor do mar

Cheers !!

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