75 Minutes Later- Say hi! to Healthy, Shiny & Fizz Free Hair at Clinic Calee Noida

I am sure you guys are aware that I signed up with Clinic Calee which is an aesthetic dermatology / cosmetology centre for skin & hair. Clinic Calee also offers services like permanent laser hair reduction & weight loss which are minimally invasive & non-surgical.

Lately, I was struggling with hair fall. The scalp was bit too oily because of which I had to shampoo almost every day. So, decided to consult the experts at Clinic Calee.The consultant at Clinic Calee suggested me to experience Root Regen therapy. This therapy promotes hair growth, stops hair fall and cures hair scalp.

Sometimes, hair need something extra to stay strong, shiny & healthy. Below, I am sharing my experience of therapeutic Clinic Calee root regen.The technician started off by applying essential oil to my roots. She massaged it gently into the scalp. The aroma of this oil helped me relax. Oil massages nourish & stimulates the scalp. It is also believed that essential oils increase cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth.

Post a good 25-minute head message, the therapist washed off my hair with the treatment shampoo. After, towel drying she applied a concentrate to the roots and gently messaged. Following the concentrate; a thick cream was generously applied to the length of my hair. The concentrate and cream mask were made to rest for 25 mins before shampoo.

After experiencing Clinic Calee Root Regen therapy here are my observations

1. Post Clinic Calee Root Regen therapy, my scalp is not oily and also, it’s not too dry
2. Hair feel soft and light
3. Fizz free hair
4. No sign of dandruff even after 18 days of the treatment
5. Less hairfall
6. Ends of the hair are straight and soft, no split ends
7. The roots are stronger less brittle
I guess the therapeutic concentrate that was applied to the roots did some magic. I can feel my hair have become softer & more manageable. This treatment really controlled my hair fall. Yes, I know you guys have questions. So, answering few here.

IMG 20180802 135433 - 75 Minutes Later- Say hi! to Healthy, Shiny & Fizz Free Hair at Clinic Calee Noida
Lots of love <3

Who can opt for Clinic Calee Root Regen therapy?

Anyone, who if facing hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, hair dryness or fizziness. It is one solution to all problems. Also, if hair fall is extensive then it is advised to take mesotherapy which is supported by root regen treatment. Hair mesotherapy gives amazing results in just few sessions.

What to expect from Clinic Calee Root Regen therapy?

Soft, strong and fizz free hair. Controls hair fall and dandruff.

Where is this clinic?

Clinic Calee, G-7 first & second floor sector 18 Noida U.P.

So, guys I am happy with my hair. Go ahead and book now!

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