Blossom with Calee – Holistic Beauty & Wellness Clinic Launches in Noida

Calee (Kalee), a flower bud inspired by the divine beauty of your first step to the world, and further growing up to a distinctive you.

Clinic Calee recently launched in Noida and will bring in Aesthetic Dermatology with the latest technology to the city. Calee strives to help people live healthy, happy & confident. I was invited to the wine and cheese launch celebration of this beautiful wellness clinic – Clinic Calee at sector-18, Noida.

They offer scientific skin solutions, Laser hair reduction, anti-ageing, weight loss, Acne, scars and pigmentations removal and hair restoration.

Calee is here to spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life. They offer top-of-the-line treatments for both Men & Women; in Aesthetic Dermatology / Cosmetology for Skin & Hair, Weight Loss & Permanent Laser Hair Reduction, which are minimally invasive & non surgical.

calee wellness building in Noida

The clinic is set up in a two story building with 5 different treatment rooms. Interiors are beautifully done by Mohit and Deepali from Urban Upgrade in grey and ivory. The place was scented with signature vanilla essence which gave a pleasant and soothing vibe.

calee offers aesthetic treatments

Ms. Roma, Co-Owner at Calee took me through the clinic and I was amazed to explore the non-invasive and non-surgical treatments at the centre.

They offer scientific skin solutions, Laser hair reduction, anti-ageing, weight loss, Acne, scars and pigmentations removal and hair restoration.
With Ms. Roma, Co-Owner at Calee.

Here are the highlights of our discussion:

Me – What is Clinic Calee?

Ms. Roma – We are all about wellness and Aesthetic Dermatology. Our innovative approach in health and wellness services will leave you with confidence. All services are non-surgical and completely safe. We also have a team of doctors to monitor the wellness growth of the clients.

Me – What services Clinic Calee provides?

Ms. Roma – We are into skin care solutions, hair restoration, weight loss, laser hair reduction, acne scar & pigmentation removal and anti-ageing.

Calee offers skin care solutions

Me -Do you provide salon services?

Ms. Roma – No. We have eye lash extensions, hair extensions and nail extension services. Also, there is professional makeup studio. But, if we book pre-bridal and bridal service then at Clinic Calee are happy to offer complimentary beauty services like manicure and pedicures.

Me – Could you please share the technologies that you use at Clinic Calee?

Ms. Roma – We have five different treatment rooms. Each room is well equipped with advance technology machinery. Like for example we use HIFU for face lift. This technology promises instant results in just 2 sessions and lasts for a year.

We also have Cryolipolysis for weight loss. In this therapy, the fat cells are frozen and in 3 – 4 sessions you will see the desired results.

Calee for eye extensions in Noida

Another therapy at Clinic Calee is the obesity platform which is based on radio frequency and one can lose ½ inch to 1 inch in every session. In addition to the technology treatments, the deep heating and mechanical detox procedures help the clients to lose weight instantly.

Calee in Noida for aesthetic treatments

Me – What advance technology you are using for skin care solution?

Ms. Roma – The Q-switched NdYAG laser is used for all skin care solutions. This laser technology can be used for skin rejuvenation, skin brightening, skin whitening, scar treatment and tattoo removal.

Me- Does Clinic Calee provides body and face hair reduction?

Ms. Roma – Yes, With Calee’s advanced laser hair reduction program you can say good bye to unwanted hair, in-grown hair, waxing pain and razor burns. Be summer ready at all times.

Calee in noida for hair growth

Me – Do you have any technology for women to stay young?

Ms. Roma – Yes. We have HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), a non- invasive and FDA cleared procedure for tighter, firmer and lifted skin. Also, there are other procedures like thread lift, skin rejuvenation, Mesolift and Agetev (radio frequency non-surgical facelift) methods to reveal the beauty in beautiful you.

Calee for nail extensions in Noida

clinic calee launch in NoidaClinic Calee is a one stop for all beauty and skin care solutions. So, girls if you want to amplify your beauty and boost your skin simply visit Clinic Calee today. Be one of the 1st 100 clients to avail super special life time inaugural offers.

Clinic Calee address – G-7, Sector-18 Noida, India 201301

Clinic Calee Facebook page –

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