It is easy to browse through hundreds of gold jewellery designs online and choose the best for your loved one. But, it is important to keep these points in mind before you purchase an item. I am sharing 8 tips that will help you get the best deal.

1Authentic online store

It is very important to check the authenticity of the seller. Research well before making a purchase online and only buy from renowned stores like Tanishq, Titan and Bluestone etc. Don’t fall into the trap of any fraud website.

2Price difference

It is likely that there could be a price difference between the gold jewellery sold online and jewellery sold at the retail stores.  So, browse the market before making a purchase to get the best deal.

3Hallmark certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set up authorized testing centers which check the purity and quality of the gold. So, when buying gold ornaments always look for Hallmark certificates.


The purest form of gold exists in 24k and no jewellery can be made in 24k so alloys like silver copper or nickel are mixed in some percentage in gold to make an ornament. Most jewelries are made in 22k, 18k and 14k and so the rate of the ornament depends according to the Karat. So, check for karat of gold before buying.


Please be sure of the size that you order of the rings, bracelet and bangles. However, these websites do offer exchange services.

6Refund and Return Policy

Please go through the refund policy before placing the order.

7Payment Options

Once you have selected your jewelry item you can choose to make payments via cash on delivery, credit/debit, bank transfer or cheque.

8Shipment charges and Delivery

Most of the online website that sell jewellery offer free shipping. Once you receive your item check damage or tampered package. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the package then do not accept the order and inform the seller immediately.

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