Fresh Healthy orange cinamon juice
Cin-Rose Tangerine (Beauty cleanse)

Juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients. You can combine the seasonal fruits to create refreshing drinks. Fresh juice is a great way to cleanse, de-bloat and rejuvenate our system. We are sharing 3 ingredient juices, which you can enjoy this season.

IMG 6428 - Beauty Cleanse, Detox and Instant Energy Juice Recipes - 3 Juice Recipes for a Healthy You!
Fresh homemade healthy juices

Beauty cleanse – Cin-Rose Tangerine

This 3 ingredient juice booster, ensures a healthy skin and a happy stomach.


  • 3 Oranges
  • 1 Cinnamon stick or pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Rose petals
IMG 6438 - Beauty Cleanse, Detox and Instant Energy Juice Recipes - 3 Juice Recipes for a Healthy You!
Cin-Rose Tangerine (Beauty cleanse)

How to make your beauty drink?

Add 3 oranges to the juicer with 1 cinnamon stick and 10 rose petals. And in 30 sec, you will get a super cooling and peppy drink. Serve with crushed ice. However, there are many good and healthy juices available in the market. Click on this link to buy now.

How orange, cinnamon & rose will help beauty cleanse your body?


  1. This tropical fruit will activate your metabolism
  2. Will help flush out toxin leaving your body clean from inside
  3. High vitamin C and natural antioxidant properties helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood.
  4. Orange fruit contains ‘Vitamin A’ which is essential for healthy vision. (For your beautiful eyes)


  1. Helps speedy recovery of damaged tissues
  2. Maintains insulin levels in the body, keeping the blood flow normal
  3. It helps fight bacterial and fungal infections
  4. Aids weight loss


  1. Petals of the flower Rose help cleanse the gall bladder and liver
  2. Improves hair growth
  3. Regular consumption of Cin-Rose Tangerine beauty cleanser will result in flawless & blemish free skin.

Coca-gin detox juice


  • 3 Carrots
  • Coriander leaves
  • 10 gms Ginger
IMG 6459 - Beauty Cleanse, Detox and Instant Energy Juice Recipes - 3 Juice Recipes for a Healthy You!
Coca-gin detox juice

How to make body cleansing juice ?

Just juice carrot and ginger together. Do not add coriander to the juicer. Now, transfer the content to a serving glass and add finely chopped coriander. Relish this super cleansing juice. However, you can also buy some tasty and healthy juices from amazon.Click on the links below to buy now.

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How Carrot, Coriander and ginger will help cleanse body and system internally ?


  1. Magical nutrients in carrots help kill bacteria, toxins that live in the gums and teeth
  2. Kills cancer causing agents and purifies blood
  3. Promotes urination
  4. Cleanses the liver
  5. Cures stomach infections


  1. Manages glucose levels
  2. Aids weight loss
  3. Ginger helps cure chronic indigestion
  4. Fight respiratory problems
  5. Strengthen immunity


  1. It is a wonderful source of dietary fiber and thus helps clean the body
  2. Its anti-allergic properties prevent common flu
  3. Salmonella (food borne illness) protection
  4. Stimulates healthy digestion

Grab Instant energy drink


  • 1 ripe Banana
  • 100 grams Grapes
  • 1 lemon
IMG 6452 - Beauty Cleanse, Detox and Instant Energy Juice Recipes - 3 Juice Recipes for a Healthy You!
Grab Instant energy drink

How to make Grab Instant energy drink?

Mash 1 ripe banana in bowl and add grape juice to it. Mix well and serve with few drops of lemon juice.This drink is super easy to make and is an instant energy booster. But, you can buy ready-made instant energy drinks from Amazon now.Click on the link below now.

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How Grapes, Banana and Lemon help provide instant energy?


  1. Grape juice helps reduce fatigue and boost immune system
  2. Instant energy provider
  3. Rich in vitamin C, so aids instant mood elevation
  4. Relief from indigestion


  1. Bananas are rich in potassium and helps regulate blood pressure
  2. Bananas contains tryptophan, an amino acid that plays a role in preserving memory and boosting mood


  1. Helps reduce weight
  2. Reliefs from fever and cold
IMG 6442 - Beauty Cleanse, Detox and Instant Energy Juice Recipes - 3 Juice Recipes for a Healthy You!
Healthy homemade fresh juices

These juices are very simple to prepare and super healthy. So, friends try out these simple 3 ingredient juice recipes and share your experiences with us. Till then, Keep it peppy J

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